Car towing in Moldova.

The car can not start up or are you in an accident? Or do you need an urgent machine evacuation? No one is safe from such troubles on the road, even a driver with great experience! These situations can happen at any time, regardless of the season and time of day. The most optimal solution would be to call a tow truck for cars in Moldova. Whatever the task could be, the Auto Club Assist company will deal with it quickly.

Our company has the following advantages in the field of towing services for machines in Chisinau:

  • We work around the clock, without weekends and holidays;
  • We promptly respond to every customer call;
  • Carefully and accurately will deliver your car to the destination;
  • All applications are carried out professionally and with maximum responsibility;
  • At our disposal are: cranes, manipulators, winches.

Qualified specialists are able to competently organize the evacuation of your vehicle. Each tow truck of our service, including a freight tow truck in Moldova, is in excellent technical condition and is ready to travel at any distance. We also have flexible prices for all customers.

We provide all the necessary documents for insurance companies to confirm the provision and payment of towing services with a crane in Chisinau. We can transport various cars according to their dimensions: motorcycles, passenger cars, minivans and minibuses, as well as special equipment.

The cost of towing services in Moldova depends on the following factors:

  • from the transportation distance, since being in Chisinau, a tow truck will cost you less than for longer distances;
  • from the type and dimensions of your machine, which will go for evacuation;
  • from the complexity of loading and shipping vehicles onto a tow truck platform, which also depends on situations.

If you need our help very urgently, then contact the company Auto Club Asist. To order towing services in Moldova means a guarantee of reliability and safety of the delivery for your car!